Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is most hyped misunderstood and feared thing amongst young population. Though, everyone undergoes wisdom teeth eruption phenomenon during ages 17 to 21 years. Wisdom teeth start erupting in mouth from 17 years of age to 21 years. Quite a time, it takes more time to erupt in to mouth till 25 years of age. As the age of eruption in mouth matches with legal age of being adult ie. 18 years that is why it is called as wisdom tooth. It has nothing to do with wisdom of any person.

Wisdom teeth are total four in numbers. It is present in upper and lower jaws, one on either side of the jaws.

As you know we all has evolved from monkeys in the process of evolution. That same process of evolutions is still going on in all human race. As a result our jaws are getting narrower and shrinking from generation to generations. This results in lack of space for eruption of wisdom tooth in mouth which is last to erupt in mouth. By the time it starts erupting in mouth all other teeth are already, firmly erupted in the mouth. Due to this lack of space in mouth wisdom teeth often does not get erupted the way it should, resulting in angled, haphazard eruption, which creates problem. If they are erupted towards cheek, cheek biting occurs. If they are erupted towards tongue, tongue biting occurs. Also sometimes it don’t erupts fully in mouth i.e. Embedded (partially or fully), covering gingiva. Many times this gingival gets hurt or lacerated at the time of chewing and injury occurs. That area often gets infected with swelling. Infection can spread to adjacent delicate and more sensitive areas, resulting in more severe condition, which when neglected or unattended can lead to many complications. There are many sensitive structures adjacent to wisdom teeth area like salivary gland, tongue, base of your throat, cheek and bone. If this phenomenon occurs consistently and periodically and affects normal function and day to day schedule, then it becomes imperative to extract that tooth to prevent adjacent vital structures from getting affected. This prevents further complications. This tooth is then removed surgically.

At Dr.Shahare’s Dentofacial Aesthetic Centre we have minimal invasive surgical facility (Piezosurgery), due to which often less surgical trauma is created while extracting wisdom tooth. So less surgical trauma, lesser will be the post operative complication and discomfort and faster will be the recovery.