Now a day’s no one wants to look older anymore. Ageing is natural phenomenon. But early ageing due to drastic environmental and life style changes in day to day life is of prime concern to many middle aged people. When it becomes evident on face, it hampers social, professional and personal wellbeing of every individual. This directly hampers the personality and confidence of any individual.

Facial fillers are soft tissue fillers injected into the skin of the face to get rid of facial wrinkles, facial deficiencies and irregularities. These restore the soothing and smooth appearance to the skin. This restores the youthfulness and enhances the beauty of facial structures. Wrinkle fillers can also be used as "Volumizers," plumping and lifting cheeks, chins, jaw lines, and temples; filling out thin lips, and plumping sagging hands.

There are different types of facial fillers like Hyluronic Acid, Botox, and i- PRF. First two are chemical in origin and the last one is from patients own blood origin and latest innovation in medical science.