As it is always said "Prevention Is Better Than Cure". Preventive dentistry is the type of treatment wherein we predict the dental problem before its onset. All latest diagnostic aids, vast knowledge and understanding of normal dental and oral structures are taken into consideration. Many dental problems can be predicted even before starting and can be prevented and treated even before starting with the help of latest diagnostic modalities. Most of the time people due to their lack of knowledge don’t even realize that they are heading towards future dental problems until they face any. In case of children one must be utmost careful. Daily night brushing and periodic bi yearly professional dental checkups are highly advised but unfortunately highly neglected.

There are different preventive treatments available such as advanced caries detector dyes (to detect decayed teeth), pit and fissure sealants (to prevent teeth from decaying at early stage), myofunctional appliances (for treating developing facial, Oral & jaw related deformities) etc.

So in order to predict the to be problem of future it is recommended to undergo periodic bi yearly check up even if you don’t have any problem to treat any probable problem even before it starts developing and live healthy.

Are Your Children’s Teeth Badly Carious/Decayed?

Which parents does not want their children to have beautiful set of caries free teeth…., Make them smile forever without pain..!

If your children are suffering from multiple carious teeth, Then Read Ahead….

Prime reason for badly carious teeth is your children are not brushing properly, or not brushing at night.

Please make it a habit to brush twice a day & especially before going to bed.

For children below 4 years parents should clean their teeth…

You can prevent teeth from decay up to 50-60 % by fluoride application..

To know about fluoride application, Read Further..


Fluoride application is professional fluoride gel which has to be applied by dentist at the ages of 3, 5, 7, 11 & 13 years or as & when required. There are different kinds of fluorides which can be applied.

These fluorides prevent caries to a great extent, leaving healthy & strong teeth that are caries free.

In addition to this caries can also be prevented by Pit & fissure sealants.

To know about pit & fissure sealants, Read Further..

What Are Pit & Fissure Sealants ?

Pit & fissure sealants are gel like cements that has to be applied over the surface of newly erupted teeth.

In fact newly erupted teeth has deep pits & fissures on the surface which gets desorbed after some years when teeth are being used for chewing… by the time food lodgment occurs in these pit & fissures, which gets degraded to produce caries i.e. dental decay..

That is where these pit & fissure sealants work. These sealants are applied on newly erupted teeth to prevents food lodgment in those pit & fissures and subsequently prevents caries process.

To know more about pit & fissure sealants ask your dentist.

How To Keep Teeth Healthy ???

Keeping teeth healthy is really very simple if you are a little careful about your teeth…

If you can give daily 15minutes to your teeth and follow these instructions then you also can have healthy & wonderful smile….

All you have to do is daily follow these instructions & stay healthy with beautiful smile.

Brush your teeth two times daily in morning and at night before going to bed.

Learn proper brushing habit. Believe it or not proper brushing requires only 5 min in morning & 5 min at night. For details ask your dentist.

Always use toothbrush with toothpaste. Avoid using any Tooth Powder or Manjan or any other material for cleaning your teeth.

Do not clean teeth with fingers, these doesn’t clean the spaces between your teeth, where usually decay starts.

Visit your dentist every 6 months. Even if you don’t have any type of teeth problem because most of the problems of teeth are painless initially. They produce pain only when disease has progressed very much in other words last stage. If you wait for pain then it will be too late, that is why we recommend you to visit your dentist every 6 months, so that any potential disease/problem gets noticed & it can be treated painlessly with little discomfort.

Get your teeth cleaned (Scaling) by your dentist every 6 months, which prevents periodontal diseases to keep your teeth healthy.