For Fellow Practitioners & Interns

Consultation To Colleagues

Our entire motto is to uplift the standard of dentistry in general, which ultimately benefits patients. We are always open to share our hard earned knowledge for our profession & fellow doctors. For fellow practitioners and dentists in need we can help them and suggest with treatment planning in complicated cases. We request them to send patients detailed storyboard, with relevant data such as radiographs, photographs, pathology reports, through email.

Education For Dentist (Interns, Fresh Graduates)

For Interns, Fresh Graduates & Dentists about to start a new practice, we conduct a comprehensive training programme of six months to one year. Where in dentist can learn the actual out of the school, real life day to day dentistry. By the completion of the duration of the programme they get to know better about all the new treatment modalities as well as revisit their learned but forgotten knowledge of school. We also discuss & help them right from opening clinic, handling patients, to speciality practice, managing finances, managing difficult cases.

Caution- Only serious people, who are serious & passionate about dentistry, should apply.

We allow only two participants per batch so that we can have one to one conversation as well as personal mentoring & attention. All the participants will be able to practically do hands on different cutting edge technologies and will know in detail about inside out of different techniques & treatment modalities. Participants will be able to use all instruments, machineries initially on extracted teeth or dummy models and then on actual patients. If you are found competent enough you will be able to assist in some surgeries & also can be allowed to do some procedures individually.

Following are the things one get to learn in the programme all under one roof:

  • 1. Patient management, Consultation, Convincing techniques, Data Management.
  • 2. Rubber dams.
  • 3. Conventional RCTs- Access opening, negotiating canals, calcified canals etc
  • 4. Single sitting Root Canal System- Different types of rotary file systems, tricks and techniques and indications of their use. Right from access opening to RCF, to crown preparations on extracted teeth and then on patients. All about irrigating solutions and there uses, EDTA’s, Re-RCTS, canals, Ledges. Handling perforations, non surgical endodontics, different types of intracanal medications, sinus tracts, latest concepts, advances and many more.
  • 5. Apex Locators- Their types, generations. Why sometimes they don’t work.
  • 6. All about composites, anterior, posteriors, laminates, shade matching, colouring techniques etc.
  • 7. All about different restorative techniques specially Post & Core. Why some of them fail?
  • 8. All about veneers, basic understanding of designing a beautiful smile.
  • 9. All about Bleaching Tricks & techniques. In house, Home bleach, vital & non vital bleaching & managing fluorosis cases.
  • 10. All about Dentures (You know it’s always a rope dance), denture relining & problem solving.
  • 11. How to manage special surgical procedures like disimpaction, flap surgeries, apicoectomy, gingivectomy, alveoloplasties, GBRs etc.
  • 12. All about crowns & bridges.
  • 13. An overview to orthodontic patients management
  • 14. Basic understanding of dental Implants, different types, different systems, materials used, Physiodispensors, piezosurgery Units. You will be able to see Implant cases done live and if competent enough be able to assist in one.
  • 15. Lasers- why, when & how of it.
  • 16. All about Piezosurgery Unit, its use & how it is better for patients and you as well.
  • 17. Different types of facial fillers, facial cosmetics overview, and i-PRF (New Miracle in Dentistry).
  • 18. Different types of materials and uses in dentistry,
  • 19. A guideline for full mouth rehabilitation cases
  • 20. Record maintenance, photographic records.
  • 21. Managing pediatric and geriatric patients.
  • 22. Have in depth detailed discussion about all our previously done cases.
  • 23. A lifelong guidance right from clinic opening & ahead as & when needed.