One single missing tooth has some adverse effects on adjacent bone, gums and teeth as well. More than one missing teeth make it even worse. Chewing ability remarkably gets reduced by 20 to 60%. It becomes necessary to replace that missing tooth or teeth.

Crown is placed on single tooth after root canal treatment of affected tooth. There are different other conditions where crown is indicated like brittle tooth, partially fractured tooth etc.

Whereas, bridge type of treatment is usually advised after extraction of badly carious tooth or teeth. After assuring proper healing of tooth extraction site, the missing space is filled with the help of new teeth called as bridge. In this type of treatment anchorage/ support is taken from adjacent teeth. Quite time’s adjacent teeth are intentionally treated with Root Canal Treatment to assure proper long lasting restoration.

Both these procedures restore tooth or teeth to natural form and function. There is increase in chewing efficiency by 20 to 60%, hence more digestive ability and less stomach related problems.