About Our Clinic

Our Modern Dentofacial Aesthetic Centre is located in North Nagpur, is focused on Minimal Invasive Surgical & Cosmetic Dentistry . We believe the highest levels of preventive, restorative, and aesthetic dentistry will enhance not only our patient's self-image but ultimately their quality of life. Our mission is to provide the highest levels of general, implant, and cosmetic dentistry, such as laminates in a warm and serene environment. Our patients comfort and well-being are our top priority. We believe in personalized dental care for you and your family. Most of our treatment procedures are minimally painful or no painful at all and we try to give our best to give you as less discomfort and pain as possible.

Here at our Dentofacial Aesthetic Centre, we know that creating a beautiful smile has to be tailored for each individual patient’s needs and desires. We create your beautiful smile utilizing advanced technology, superior skills, and vast knowledge. Each smile is created with careful consideration to the patient’s facial form, function, and character. With the help of our revolutionary facial fillers we can improve your appearance not only dentally but facially. Our goal is to enhance our patient’s facial appearance and by doing so improve their self-esteem and self-confidence. We also provide Hair Rejuvenation, Facial Rejuvenation & Facial Aesthetic Corrections with the help of our most advanced & minimally invasive procedures.


We also do Premarital Makeovers/Personality Makeovers with the help of our leading Hair Stylists, Beauticians, Fashion & Yoga Experts. So that you can enter your new life with a new confidence & energy.

So let us just rediscover the hidden new confident you.

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Latest Technology is the key to optimum performance. We at Dr.Shahare’s Dentofacial Aesthetic Centre strive our best to use latest technology available in dentistry to our daily practice. Enlisted below are a few of the salient features.