Quite a time’s patients highly neglect their general oral health. They don’t treat their small dental & oral problems periodically. These small, small problems often gathers together to lead to bigger one. Periodic dental check up, oral hygiene & maintenance is completely neglected in such kind of patients. It is only when problem becomes so severe & they are unable to eat or observe visually remarkable lacunae in their mouth, then they turn up to doctors.

This is highly complicated and demanding situation involving multiple teeth or all teeth or almost all mouth in general. This demands treating almost all inside mouth hence Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Treating this kind of cases requires very precise skills, vast knowledge and proper understanding of normal wellbeing of dental & oral structures. Treating these kind of cases becomes real challenging. A complete case history of patients is taken, clinical checkup is done professionally. Complete dental, oral & facial structures are taken into consideration and they are restored in form and function with multidisciplinary approach.