Cosmetic Dental Treatment, Veneers & Laminates And Tooth Colored Filling

Smile designing is a high end, specialized treatment of treating your smile flaws. Most of the time patients consciously or unconsciously observe some unwanted, unknown things in their smile. They often feel there is something wrong with their smile or their appearance in general. They often find it difficult to find out what’s wrong. This leads to lack of social confidence. People never discuss this with anybody, but underneath they are not satisfied the way they smile.

We find out what’s wrong after thorough discussion with patients. A complete case history of patients is taken, clinical checkup is done professionally. Complete dental, oral & facial structures are taken into consideration. After making out the problem, it is discussed with patients. After discussion & consent from patients end treatment is followed to the patient’s satisfaction. It many a times involves multi disciplinary approach to treat patients. However utmost care is taken to restore natural beauty of the patient with as minimal invasive treatment approach as possible rather than meticulous artificial replacement.