Teeth Cleaning & Bleaching

Bleaching is a process of whitening teeth to make your average whites to pearly whites. In other words process of giving new glow to your teeth. In this process first thorough scaling & polishing of teeth is done.  Then only process of bleaching starts. In this process internal stains of teeth which are not removed through normal scaling can be removed. Primary reasons for permanent discoloration of teeth are mal habits such as betel quid & related products & also traumatic internal injuries to teeth which often get unnoticed only after affected teeth starts getting discoloured.

There are many methods of bleaching but primarily there are two main types from patient’s point of view. One is in house where in patient is supplied with some custom made removable trays by dentists to be worn at home at the comfort of patient. This process is slower & takes few days to get desired results. Also results depend on patient’s promptness, compliance & way of using it.

Other type is in office bleaching, wherein bleaching is done in dental office under expert dental supervision. Results are predictable & desirable. Also treatment can be done in one or two visits. Only problem with both types of bleaching is TEMPORARY sensitivity with hot or cold food stuffs. It’s not certain that it will happen. But it may happen temporarily ranging from one day to few days after bleaching. Doctor however apply & prescribes some desensitizer pastes to relieve symptoms.

So what are you waiting for, just show your pearly whites to the world.