Dental Implant

Implant is most innovative high end advanced treatment of replacing your missing tooth or teeth. In this type of treatment one screw like structure is placed in your jawbone which acts as missing tooth’s root and crown is placed on top of that which is as good as your natural tooth. This screw is made of grade 4 titanium which is most biologically acceptable by body.

There are two types of dentitions in anyone’s lifetime. One is deciduous or milk (six months to 11yrs) dentitions, second are permanent or secondary dentition (six years onwards) which remains lifelong in ones mouth. Dental implants are called Third Dentitions in mouth which is Dentist given & previous two are God Given.

There are roughly two main types of implants one is immediate loading i.e single stage & other one is delayed loading or two stage. In immediate loading passive tooth crown is immediately placed after implant placement in jaw, which is afterwards replaced with active crown after healing period is over. Delayed loading implant is one in which implant is placed embedded into the jawbone for healing period for integration with jawbone and active tooth crown is placed after the healing period is over. Both these treatment durations varies from a single day to six months and more depending on the severity & complication factors involved.

Most of the times, patient had extracted and un-replaced tooth years before, which results in loss of jawbone architecture. Hence, there is no sufficient bone for placement of implant when needed. All this is very slow & painless process. That’s why patient never ever realizes what’s going on in his mouth until he faces problems with chewing, visits dentist for some problem or adjacent teeth problems. In such situations it is first required to restore the jawbone to natural and previous state which prolongs treatment period by four to six months in order to assure longevity of dental implants without facing complications in future. Due to all these reasons it is not advisable to primarily extract tooth & one should try to save it. In case it’s not salvageable then after extraction it is most important to replace that tooth with new one & dental implants of course are one of the best methods to replace one.